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This link corrects approximately 193 misinformed claims that Climate Change Denialists give for rejecting the overwhelming evidence supporting climate scientists and their concern that excess CO2 coming from the burning of fossil fuel is harming our planet and those who live on it with us.

The premier place where real climate scientists address false claims of denialists is this link:  Once on the site search for the names of any climate denialists you encounter and you will likely find discussion rebutting claims of those denialists.

Email indicates Exxon knew of climate change in 1981 but continued to fund climate deniers for 27 more years.

Rockefeller family tried and failed to get ExxonMobil to reverse its climate change denialist policies.

Some of the more prevalent misconceptions are also addressed on submenus associated with this menu or below:
 The sun is not the primary cause of present excess global warming.

We know that temperatures on the moon, which does not have an atmosphere to hold heat when the sun is not shining on it, drop from 250° F during the day to -330° F at night. On the other hand, on Venus, which has a  much denser atmosphere than  Earth, the temperature is an intense 460˚C day and night, all year long. Venus doesn’t even have seasons because its greenhouse  effect is so strong. On earth, warm days and nights are getting warmer as you can see from the graph below.

Warmer Days & Nights Graph
By John Cook for the University of Queensland

Scientists conclude that greenhouse gases are causing this warming on earth. These gases hold additional heat when the sun is not shining, something that does not happen on the moon. For a 3:36 minute video illustrating this, see

Nevertheless, denialists perpetuate a myth that global warming is primarily caused by the sun rather than greenhouse gases. The smaller amount of solar activity reaching the earth recently would actually be leading to cooling in earth’s atmosphere if something else was not happening. That something else is an increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gases here. Since warming is happening despite a decrease in the sun’s activity, that  is contrary to the myth, debunking it. For a 5 minute video on the cooling of earth’s upper atmosphere while the earth’s surface warms as a fingerprint of greenhouse gas warming, ruling out natural causes of past warming, see

Graph of Temperatures in Earth's Upper & Lower Atmosphere
Temperatures in Earth’s Upper & Lower Atmosphere
By Peter Jacobs, Data from UAH

Other aspects of denialists (Soon and Baliunas) fallacies related to solar contribution to earth’s current warming are discussed here . Also, it has come to light that Soon, a scientist often relied on in denialists literature in support of “the sun (and not CO2) is the primary cause of excess global warming” myth, failed to disclose Koch (fossil fuel magnate) funding and affiliation when taking government grant money.

CLICK HERE to let us know you understand that CO2 resulting from burning too much fossil fuel is the primary cause of excess global warming, and that you will sign the petition to put the 80% renewable electricity by 2034 initiative on Montana’s 2020 general election ballot.

Page updated on 9/9/2021



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