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There are tons of ways to help move Montana toward a more sustainable future. Scroll down to sign up to stay in the loop. Learn how to help despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Help rally communities around I-187 and spread the truth about energy in Montana.

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Renewable energy shouldn’t be a point of conflict. There is no us vs. them. We can lower energy bills AND preserve state funding. We can protect workers AND decrease pollution. Together, we can do all this and more.

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We need 25,468 accepted signatures of registered Montana voters by June 19, 2020, to get I-187 on the ballot. As of May 1st we had 42.9% of needed signatures. Tell us how to contact you to add yours to the paper petition today.


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Many Montanans have not heard about I-187. Since COVID-19 has ended face to face contact, your sharing of why I-187 would be good for Montana is critical. No matter how old you are or where you live, please start now by clicking social media or email share buttons on this website to direct Montana voters and other friends to learn about I-187.

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Are you are a registered voter in Montana? If so, you may exercise your First Amendment right to petition our government by signing I-187.