How to Sign Initiative 187

What is left of Grinnell Glacier, MT

Photo by Ruben van Wijngaarden on Unsplash

Photo by Ruben van Wijngaarden on Unsplash

Getting 25,468 signatures is difficult because they have to be signed in person with good old-fashioned pen and paper. Additionally, COVID-19 requires social distancing! So, we’ve changed the face-to-face signing process to eliminate notarization requirements and to allow you to mail signatures plus your Declaration verifying them to your county.

The Declaration of Signature Gatherer form you will find when scrolling down at the above link has been accepted to replace an in-person notarized form previously required. Because time is short, please submit by mail now using this approved procedure.

If you cannot print the I-187 petition, etc. from the above link, please fill out a form below asking us to mail you the signing material.

Also, please submit a form below so we know what you have done.

If you need to know more, our reasons are (found here) or here for acceptance of the non-notarized affidavit form to replace the notarized affidavit.

Page last updated 5/12/2021

If you want to sign the petition or volunteer with MTCARES, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

The simplest way to sign was to meet up with a volunteer and sign their form. Because of COVID-19 you aren’t able to meet with a volunteer. However, you can follow the instructions above and sign it on your own. Either way, the initiative can only be signed in person. Enter your information below so we can know what you did or respond if you need help.

Speak to a volunteer

The easiest way to sign the petition was for a volunteer to come collect your signature or for you to go to an I-187 event. COVID-19 made that impractical. So we are exploring safer options that are being posted here.

Get started on your own

Believe it or not, you can collect your own signature. After you sign, you previously had it notarized. COVID-19 made that impractical. Please see the top of this page for other instructions on how to verify your signature and mail it to your county voting administrator for counting.