I-184 Press:

Bozone article on I-184 “Major initiative will move to a clean & healthy green economy” (quoting Rev. Ken Crouch)

Press release  link: Initiative I-184 Ready for Signature Gathering 

Link to : Last Best News Coverage of Speech in Billings

Link to: Carbon County News Interview (Costs $1 to see it.)

Link to: Voices of Montana Interview (4/11/18) by Jon Arneson of Russ Doty (begins at 4 minutes into link, runs about 40 minutes)

I-180 Press:

Link to 6/5/17 press release describing draft 2017-2018 Ballot Initiative sent to Secretary of State.

Link to well-written Great Falls Tribune article on I-180 by Karl Puckett.

Link to MTCARES press release announcing I-180 ready for signature gathering Press release Initiative ready for signature

Link to 10 Faith Leaders Accepting Scientific Proof of Human-Caused Climate Change and Endorsing I-180.

Link to Pam Ellis and Jean Lemire Dahlman guest column on assistance for coal-impacted communities.

Link to Dr. Steven Running and Marya Grathwohl guest column on scientific consensus for human caused climate change.

Link to letter to the editor by Elsie Tuss and Russ Salisbury explaining why CO2 damage in Washington’s shellfish industry helped cause governor Inslee to not veto legislation facilitating the close of Colstrip 1 & 2.

This links to a fine guest Opinion Column by Rev. John Soderberg and State Senator Mike Phillips concerning how jobs in all employment sectors are affected by the transition to renewables. It appeared on Labor Day in Butte and was carried widely in other news outlets.

Link to a spot on 11/22/15 article on MTCARES by AP reporter Amy Beth Hanson that appeared in many news outlets.

Coal not Montana’s future talking points for letters to the editor.

Rebuttal of I-180 Detractors:

Link to Russ Doty rebutting NorthWestern Energy’s John Alke and indicating how clean energy will save consumers money.

Link to Michael Fried and Russ Doty Last Best News rebuttal of Brad Molnar’s misconceptions about I-180.

Press Release rebutting MEIC article on I-180.

Link to 12/19/15 Billings Gazette guest column (also carried elsewhere) by Russ Doty demonstrating it is not a “steep climb” as NorthWestern Energy’s Bob Rowe claims for the utility to meet the requirements of America’s Clean Power Plan.

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