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Russ in Glacier Park

Russ Doty was born in Great Falls, Montana, grew up there and attended Montana State University (Bozeman) and the University of Montana (Missoula), where he earned a Masters’ Degree in Political Science.

Russ served in the Montana House of Representatives from 1967-9 and as council to the Montana Public Service Commission from 1975-6. He retired from the Western Area Office of the US Postal Service in 2004 and returned to Montana for 9 years, where he volunteered as Chair of the Billings, Montana, Energy Conservation Commission and served as CEO/General Council of New World WindPower, LLC, a position he is now retired from.

In 2013, he moved to Greeley, Colorado, but remained active in Montana (one of three states he became licensed to practice law in) as pro bono attorney in a case to require NorthWestern Energy to install LED street lighting to save more than 64% of the energy used to light our roads and to pay for it by reducing street lighting overcharges being assessed Montana communities and their taxpayers.

A geothermal system heats his home and Xcel Energy pays 9 cents a kWh for the production from its solar collector while allowing net-metering–for a total benefit of 20+ cents a kWh. The solar panels have produced 65,000 kWh and $13,000+ in value since being installed. He drives an all electric Nissan Leaf when not on long trips.

While recovering successfully from a recent stroke, a confirmation that his time is limited, he refocused by writing this Initiative and creating this MTcares website as part of his personal commitment to help mitigate looming problems associated with global warming in this state he owes so much to. If you are willing to help him, please click here.

Steven W. Running,  retired Regents Professor, Forest Ecology, College of Forestry & Conservation at the University of Montana, is supporting the 80% by 2034 initiative and has agreed to review climate science posted on this site for correctness.
Photo of Steve Running
Steve Running

Wikipedia indicates he is Director of the Numerical Terradynamics Simulation Group, which:

is responsible for developing the earth observing-oriented algorithms used by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on board NASA’s satellites, Terra and Aqua. He continues to be the lead investigator on this project. Running’s MOD17 algorithms are used to provide accurate and continuous global monitoring of the terrestrial biosphere,[1] specifically, generating near-real-time data sets for repeated monitoring of vegetation primary production on vegetated land at 1-km resolution at 8-day intervals.[2] These datasets are unique in that they provide global data on primary productivity and span a decade.

A recognized expert in global ecosystem monitoring, Running was invited to serve on the board of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In 2007, the IPCC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about human-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”.[3][4] Running made the following statement about winning the prize: “We’ve got to get past all the petty bickering and get to work. This is about a big transition for society over the next 50 years. The path we are on is unsustainable. What the Nobel committee is saying is that we’ve got to wake up. We’ve got to change the course of the whole world.”[5]

Steve Running is co-author of the 2007 book, Forest Ecosystems,[6] and has published over 240 scientific papers.[7]

If you are willing to join Dr. Running in supporting I-187 please click here.

Incorporators & Directors of MTcares include:

Dodie Andersen, Missoula, Director

Dodie Andersen with her solar trike will be seeking signatures for I-187.

Dodie has lived in Missoula for 9 years. Before that she spent 5 summers in Missoula while helping to update a home there. It was during those five years that she and her husband, Max, came to see how much they loved Missoula and Montana as a whole. They retired there and Dodie was one of the founding members of 350 Montana. Currently she is Coordinator of Transition Missoula and serves on the board of AERO, which is working for a sustainable Montana. While raising her four children she was very involved in PTA. She served as president at various PTA/PTSA’s levels and finally served for 5 years on the California State PTA Board of Managers. An elementary and middle school teacher by career she also was elected to a term on her local school board. Her 5 grandsons are the lights of her life and a strong motivation for her working for a livable planet.

Mike Mosolf

Mike Mosolf, Dillon, MT, Director/Treasurer
Still an avid fisherman at age 82, Mike has been involved in environmental issues beginning with support of the 1964 Wilderness Act. He is a US Army veteran who also taught science, English, and history while coaching football in Twin Bridges and Heart Butte.

He has been a self-employed property manager in Dillon for 37 years and served for two years on the Montana ACLU board of directors. Twice, he has been a candidate for Beaverhead County HD 72. He collected enough signatures there in 2017-18 to qualify I-184 in that legislative district and intends to qualify I-187 there this time.

Clara Bentler, Billings, Director

Clara was a field fellow at Forward Montana Foundation in Billings. She recently graduated from Billings Senior High School as President of hr class and will be attending the University of Montana this year to study political science and business. She loves to be outside, hang with her family and yellow lab puppy Oliver, and play the violin.

She has always been interested in politics but for the longest time, had this idea in her head that it was a world for people who could vote and were old enough to understand what “fiscal year” or “appropriations” meant. It took a national, student-led movement for her to realize that students and young people have every right to be engaged in the discussion. She consented to be a MTCARES Board member because young folks have ideas and things to bring to the table. Age, race, or gender shouldn’t decide if they’re listened to or not.

It’s about #youngpeoplepower. Which is why she went to DC to take part in the ACLUs advanced advocacy program. There she got to meet many amazing organizers from all over the nation who all care so much about bettering their community and that makes her so incredibly hopeful and excited for the future. She and her friends helped qualify I-184 in House District 47 in 2018 and after a trip to see the glaciers in our park before they melt, are already jumping into the signature collecting process to put I-187 on the 2020 ballot. 

Karen Stears, Billings, Director

Karen is Genetic Counselor at St. Vincent Healthcare – Billings, Montana, seen here wondering whether she would have given her daughter the name “Lizzy,” knowing what she now knows after having received her Masters in Genetic Counseling at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. No worries Karen. Everyone is delighted to be around your “Lizzy.” The other one? Not so much. 🙂

Janny Kirk, Billings, Director

With her family (world-class, Kirk violin/cello-makers), long a participant on the music and foundation scene, Janny excels at bringing folks together and being cautious with expenditures by organizations she supports. She will be coordinating website “tuning” and energizing signature gathering for I-187 beside her prize possession–her Tesla.


Rev. John & Donna Soderberg, Bozeman. (John & Donna retired as directors and moved to be with their daughter in Virginia.)

 Donna & John

Donna Soderberg is a mother to three and grandmother to five.  She was raised in Miles City.  Retired, her employment included medical technologist with a mid-life career change to mental health therapist.  From a lifetime of love for her family and her clients of all ages, she is committed to caring for future generations.

John Soderberg was a United Methodist pastor and both a hospital, and  a business-industrial chaplain.  Raised in Glendive, he served churches in Roundup, Grass Range and Winnett, in Fort Benton and Carter, Bozeman and Billings.  He understands the importance of caring for creation from a ranching, farming, and urban perspective.

n her local school board. Her 5 grandsons are the lights of her life and a strong motivation for her working for a livable planet.

Sister Marya Grathwohl, OSF, Sisters Of Saint Francis, Billings,  Past Director

Picture of Sister Marya Grathwohl
Sister Marya Grathwohl

An Oldenburg Franciscan Sister since 1963, Marya Grathwohl lived for over thirty years in African American, Crow and Northern Cheyenne communities. While serving on her congregation’s leadership team, she initiated the revitalization of her community’s farm in Indiana, integrating natural farming methods with vegetable gardens, chickens, and heritage breed cattle.

As founding director of Earth Hope, she was consultant for a women’s center in Northern Cheyenne country. There, Marya developed wind and solar energy, ground-source heating and cooling, a greenhouse, and native prairie restoration.

Earth Hope provides a popular class for use in jails and prisons in California, New York, and Missouri where participants study the 14 billion year story of the Universe. Through story, science, art, and guided imagery inmates discover their profound connection with all creation and other people. This helps them to develop appropriate self-esteem and to learn to make positive choices.

Marya also offers retreats, workshops, and lectures that enliven peoples’ heartfelt connection with the whole Earth community and nourish their commitment to care for our common home.

Amy Rapp, Great Falls, MT, Past Director

Amy Rapp completed her Masters of Environmental Policy Management with a concentration in Energy and Sustainability from the University of Denver in November 2017. She’s eager to engage in areas that tackle 21st century sustainability, wind, water, and energy management, climate change mitigation, grid security and more. 
Amy is a Montana Ambassador, a member of the State of Montana Banking Board and is involved in civic activities that encourage voter participation and youth engagement. She also has a variety of legislative interests including a recent proposal to initiate an aluminum can deposit refund program in the state of Montana to encourage waste diversion and increase recycling.

Amy’s career has been primarily in the financial service sector. She started her career on Wall Street as a stockbroker and engaged in many facets of personal financial planning over the years. In 2004, she joined Western Corporate Federal Credit Union (WesCorp), a $35 billion corporate credit union (CU). Amy realized success as a CU industry national brand by teaching critical bottom line affecting solutions for small and mid sized CUs serving low to modest means persons. Liquidity management and other regulatory compliant balance sheet management programs were the key competencies. In 2012, WesCorp succumbed to billions of dollars of loss in mortgage-backed securities as many financial institutions did.

After WesCorp’s closure, Amy took her 20 plus years of financial services, business development and marketing experience and founded®. It aggregated expertise across the CU space to offer balance sheet, compliance, board of director and other critical bottom line affecting solutions to CUs nationally. She also commenced working on her masters.

She has a wealth of experience in many areas of educational program development, public speaking, webinar producing and hosting, and specialized experience in international cooperative development to include work in Africa. Her workshops and webinars have helped hundreds of CU executives. Members of regulatory agencies such as the CA Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) have also participated and benefitted as well.

Pam Ellis, Luther, MT, Past Treasurer

Pam EllisPam Ellis is a retired educator who taught at an International school in Surabaya on the US land of Java before retiring to the coast of Bali for four years.  She is an active volunteer who served on the Billings School Board. Pam and her husband Robert now live and play in Billings and Red Lodge.  Her picture includes the view from the living room window of her new Luther home. Pam’s service as treasurer was a boon to renewable energy!

John Hoffland,  Helena, MT, retired as Statewide Signature Gathering Coordinator

John HofflandJohn Hoffland has a long-abiding interest in the natural world as well as social and economic justice. He received a Masters degree in environmental studies from the University of Montana in 1991. While in Missoula, he worked as the coordinator of the Landbird Monitoring Project for UM and the US Forest Service. The project looked primarily at the effects of human management activities on avian populations over the northern Rockies.

Upon moving to Helena in 1999, John served as the produce manager of the Real Food Market. In addition to the joys of working with fresh fruits and veggies, he also gained an appreciation for the hard work of local organic producers and a greater understanding of the reliance of agriculture on the natural environment, including climate.

After eight years at the state as a Medicaid program officer, John is currently semi-retired (sort of), working half-time for the local Area Agency on Aging. He looks forward to continued support of the 80% by 2034 Initiative; and hopefully he’ll get in plenty of cross-country skiing this winter – let it snow!

Information on other team members will be added here as this site is developed.


Christopher Thompson, said I  “wanted to pass on a free course I recently completed that was very informative on the subject of Climate Change denial, ‘Making Sense of Climate Science Denial.’

Christopher also suggests folks view NASA “Images of Change link”

To show you welcome the transition to 80% renewable electricity by 2034, please click HERE to let us know how to contact you to collect signatures or sign the required paper version necessary to put I-187 on the 2020 ballot .

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