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Millennials All-in for More Renewable Energy

NetGen says a whopping 80 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 favor a complete transition to clean energy by 2030.

One way to move toward that goal by cutting NorthWestern’s CO2 in half by 2025, MDU’s in half by 2030 is to gather enough signatures (24,242) by June 17th to get I-180 on Montana’s November ballot, thereby incentivizing millennials to turn out to vote.

So thanks to AERO Energy Committee members Jim Baerg ($500) and Max Milton ($500), and Max’s partner, AERO Member Joan Bird for your unsolicited contribution to defray some of my traveling expenses while organizing the I-180 signature drive.

Montana residents please join Jim, Joan, and Max in gathering signatures for I-180. It means a better planet for our kids, more pollution-free, no-fuel-cost electricity for us. Spend 4 hours gathering (20-90) signatures to put citizen initiative I-180 on the November ballot and bring about a 180 in Montana energy policy.

I-180 requires Montana’s fossil fuel utilities to sell 80% renewable electricity by 2050. With a small tax of about $2.40/year on an average user’s electric bill, I-180 provides $20 million for job retraining and pension security for displaced fossil-fuel workers. It replaces revenue lost from the coal tax trust fund with a substitute tax starting at $0.26/year on an average user’s electric bill.

Email your town and contact info to or obtain signature gathering material from . And please let us know you are all-in for taking action to gather signatures!

American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) Summit, August 8-13, 2015

Picture of Huang Ming, Chairman, Himin Solar Co, Inc.
Huang Ming, Chairman, Himin Solar Co, Inc.
“Racing Climate Change:  Green Bridge with China, The Road to Paris” is the theme of this year’s American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) Summit, August 8-13, 2015, Snowmass Village, Colorado.

It will again convene thought leaders, including Amory Lovins, Tom Friedman, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Timothy Wirth,  Laura Turner Seydel, Mike Phillips, General Wesley Clark, Sally Ranney, Bob Gough, Kate McBride, Larry Flowers, and dozens of other presenters from a myriad of sectors. Their discussions will revolve around the urgency of creating climate change solutions and implementing practices that are in keeping with President Obama’s call to action in his 2015 State of the Union speech where he noted, “The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security. We should act like it.”

On the heels of the recent ground-breaking US-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change and Clean Energy Cooperation, AREI will focus on its own “Green Bridge with China”. Featured guest will be Huang Ming, aka “the Chinese Solar King” who is Chairman of Himin Solar Company Ltd, China’s largest solar thermal product manufacturer, and Vice President of International Solar Energy Institute.”  Ming has a dream that “one day the solar industry will be as advanced as the IT industry, as mature as the electric home appliances industry, and as large-scaled and automated as the automobile industry.” For more on the conference click Here or the Green Link above.

10th Circuit Court rules Colorado RPS constitutional

The article accompanying  this news update notes:

 “… Hawaii, California, Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Oregon all have effective RPS requirements of 25 percent or greater. New wind farms in these states have attracted over $30 billion in private investment, created over 12,000 jobs there, and are now paying farmers, ranchers, and other landowners over $45 million a year to lease sites for turbines. Solar Industry growth in those seven states has led to more than 72,000 jobs and over $13 billion invested in solar installations in 2014 alone.

“The Texas renewable standard signed into law by then-Governor George W. Bush was increased in 2005 and met seven years ahead of schedule. Six states – California, Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Illinois and Vermont – are seriously debating an increase in their RPS this year.”  

Montana’s RPS is 15%.

Link to Court’s  Opinion by supreme court nominee, Gorsuch:

79% call for leaders to take action on climate change within 12 months

A late April 2015 Frontlines poll of more than 1001 respondents in each of 9 countries (9000+ total sample size)  by the International Trade Union Confederation found:

90% of respondents want to see leaders take action to prevent the world’s population from being impacted by climate change. In the US it was 69%.

79% want action in the next 12 months or less. In the US 55% wanted action within 12 months or less, in developed countries 69%.

Most tellingly, just 4% indicated that they thought that the world’s leaders do not need to act. In the US it was 15%, In developed countries 7%.



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