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MTCARES is dedicated to protecting our people and land. We are promoting an incredible piece of citizen legislation that will safeguard Montanans for decades. Your generosity allows us to produce and share necessary materials, coordinate volunteers, employ canvassers in remote areas, and pursue other essential activities. You’ll be supporting our workers, schools, personal freedoms, and natural resources. 

Since MTCARES is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, donations are not tax-deductible. If that changes your ability to donate, please click the volunteer tab to find another way to work together!
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by joining Dr. Vicki Watson, U of M Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies, in making a non-deductible donation to support I-187.

Dr. Watson is seen here collecting (from her friend Ser Anderson) one of the 700+ signatures Vicki has gathered to qualify I-187 for Montana’s November 2020 ballot.