I-1??, generally revising energy and taxation law:
  • gradually requires electricity supplied by investor-owned utilities to be 80% generated by 2050 from sources like wind, solar, geothermal, and new hydroelectric;
  • prohibits rate increases beyond 2% annually for costs caused by the mandates;
  • funds worker retraining and pension safety nets;
  • levies replacement taxes on each kilowatt of electricity produced to offset coal severance tax and royalty revenue reductions;
  • limits most replacement taxes to 80% of savings accruing from the switch to no-fuel-cost electricity;
  • requires grid safety and market wages for those installing renewable equipment;
  • requires cooperative utilities to poll members to approve adoption of initiative standards;
  • expands net metering capability;
  • allows governments, churches, and nonprofits to participate in 250 KW net metering systems;
  • creates neighborhood renewable energy facilities; and
  • requires fixed buyouts in renewable system lease-purchases.

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Picture of Sprucebark Beetle Kill
Spruce Bark Beetle Kill in Alaska. Used by permission of Gary Braasch.

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