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Picture of oil derricks
Photo used by permission of Gary Braasch.
  •   As of May 2015, US renewable energy capacity (17.05%) exceeded that of nuclear (9.14%) and oil (3.92%) combined. US Wind capacity (5.74%) exceeded that of oil.
Picture of Oil pumper and a flare
Used by permission of Gary Braasch.
  •  Electric generating capacity from US petroleum-fired plants is flaring out. It fell 17,207 MW between 2003 and 2013 but electric generation fired by natural gas rose by 69,948 MW. Meanwhile wind electric generating capacity rose 53,078 MW, and solar, geothermal, and hydro rose by a combined 8567 MW during the same period.


  • Picture of Electric Car Charging Station.
    Electric Car Charging Station. Photo used by permission of Gary Braasch.

    Remote locations that used to rely on diesel fuel or oil are switching to solar and wind power with battery backup. And electric cars are catching on.

To show you welcome the transition to 80% renewable electricity by 2034, please tell us you’ll sign to support this I-187 ballot initiative so we can send you a signature gatherer with the required paper version for you to sign by clicking HERE.

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