To gather signatures on the Initiative or
otherwise promote the 80% renewables by 2050 Initiative:

To qualify the Initiative for the 2018 ballot, we’ll need  signatures equaling 5% of the vote cast for governor in 2016 in each of 34 legislative districts and a total of 25,468 signatures statewide. The exact number for each legislative district may be found at this link.

We were cleared to gather signatures on the required paper petitions to put the Initiative on Montana’s 2018 general election ballot. Signing at this website will help us determine how to get in touch with you to help gather signatures on the paper petition. There are three ways to begin:

  1. To tell us to send you  signature gathering material or otherwise help, please click here; or
  2. please click help  to send us an email with your address and phone at ; or
  3. To print your own signature gathering material when the Initiative has been cleared for signature gathering, or get instructions for signature gathering, please click: Signature Gathering Material & Instructions for Signature Gatherers 
  4. Click here for an article on I-184 that appeared in the Bozone.

Trash brought in on Tuvalu tide
Trash brought in on Tuvalu tide. Used by permission of Gary Braasch. Click picture to enlarge and click here to see more pictures like this.

This page updated on 11/29/2017

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