How to Gather Signatures

Collecting signatures is easy and fun! All you have to do is print out a few pieces of paper, acquaint yourself with the initiative, and start knocking on doors! All Montana residents, no matter their age, can collect signatures from registered Montana voters.






Read through the steps and documents below. Once you have a grasp on I-187 and how to collect signatures, get out there and get some autographs! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Familiarize yourself with I-187

We recommend reading through this website and the full fact sheet. You may also want to skim the full petition, “Signature Gathering Instructions”, and “Memo: Where to Gather”. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact another volunteer!

  • Read through the documents
  • Talk with another volunteer

Print out core documents

Before you head out the door, print a few Signature Gathering Sheets, the I-187 Fact Sheet, your Affidavit, and copy of the full petition (someone might ask to read it). Documents available at the bottom of this page.

Collect signatures

Including your own! Go door to door, stand outside public spaces, attend public events. Talk to people about I-187 and how they can help. See our resources for where you can collect signatures. 

  • Are they registered to vote in Montana?
  • What county do they live in?
  • Use one page per county, i.e. persons from different counties must sign sheet for their county
  • Have person sign the sheet for their county
  • Make sure they use their mailing addresses
  • Ask people to use their "voting" signature
  • Make sure everything is legible
  • Write the county name and your initials at the bottom of each signature page

Get sheets notarized

Congratulations! You’ve helped move Montana toward a better future! Now we have to make sure those signatures get recorded in the system. First, they have to get notarized.

  • Banks and libraries often have free notaries!
  • Fill out the affidavit in front of the notary and sign it.
  • Once you've signed, the notary will notarize your signature.
  • Do not add signatures after your affidavit is notarized.
  • If you need to add signatures, start a new group of pages.

Submit everything to your county's election office

This is the final step! You can find a list of election office addresses at the bottom of this page.

Biweekly and well before the deadline (5 PM, June 19, 2020) make sure all signed signature pages (no more than 25 pages per affidavit) plus the signed affidavit have been delivered to the county election administrator of the county where the voters who signed the petition vote

  • Deliver or mail each affidavit/signature sheets to the election official for the corresponding county.
  • No more than 25 sheets per notarized affidavit.
  • Send all notarized sheets to arrive with the right county before June 19, 2020.

Tell us how many you got!

It will be a while before the county tells us how many valid signatures you collected so be sure to contact us with your number! Contact us with the good news.

  • Send an email
  • Do a little dance


Be Patient. We’ve found that it takes about an hour of gathering to get 8-10 signatures, sometimes several more at a good event. Every single one helps preserve and protect the future of Montana.


Be Courteous. Not everyone will agree with what you are doing. However, hopefully they will take a “green sheet” explaining I-187 if it is offered politely.

Be Proud. Isn’t amazing that a few dozen people who are willing to work hard can improve the future of Montana for decades and even centuries to come? That you, one person going door-to-door, can help educate and motivate people to action?

Page Last Updated 1/11/2020