Millennials All-in for More Renewable Energy

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NetGen says a whopping 80 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 favor a complete transition to clean energy by 2030.

One way to move toward that goal by cutting NorthWestern’s CO2 in half by 2025, MDU’s in half by 2030 is to gather enough signatures (24,242) by June 17th to get I-180 on Montana’s November ballot, thereby incentivizing millennials to turn out to vote.

So thanks to AERO Energy Committee members Jim Baerg ($500) and Max Milton ($500), and Max’s partner, AERO Member Joan Bird for your unsolicited contribution to defray some of my traveling expenses while organizing the I-180 signature drive.

Montana residents please join Jim, Joan, and Max in gathering signatures for I-180. It means a better planet for our kids, more pollution-free, no-fuel-cost electricity for us. Spend 4 hours gathering (20-90) signatures to put citizen initiative I-180 on the November ballot and bring about a 180 in Montana energy policy.

I-180 requires Montana’s fossil fuel utilities to sell 80% renewable electricity by 2050. With a small tax of about $2.40/year on an average user’s electric bill, I-180 provides $20 million for job retraining and pension security for displaced fossil-fuel workers. It replaces revenue lost from the coal tax trust fund with a substitute tax starting at $0.26/year on an average user’s electric bill.

Email your town and contact info to or obtain signature gathering material from . And please let us know you are all-in for taking action to gather signatures!



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