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2017 Global Renewable Energy Capacity

2017 Global Renewable Electric Energy Capacity Graph Source: “Three Countries are Leading the Renewable Energy Revolution”

North American Clean Energy Reported in 2015:

“Thanks to supportive policies now in place in at least 145 countries (up from 138 countries reported last year), worldwide power generation capacity from wind, solar photovoltaic (PV), and hydro sources alone were up 128 GW [in 2014] from 2013.

“As of end-2014, renewables comprised an estimated 27.7% of the world’s power generating capacity, enough to supply an estimated 22.8% of global electricity demand.

“Solar PV capacity has grown at the most phenomenal rate-up 48-fold from 2004 (3.7 GW) to 2014 (177 GW)-with strong growth also in wind power capacity (up nearly 8-fold over this period, from 48 GW in 2004 to 370 GW in 2014). …

“The renewable energy sector’s growth could be even greater if the more than USD 550 billion in annual subsidies for fossil fuel and nuclear energy were removed. Subsidies perpetuate artificially low energy prices from those sources, encouraging waste and impeding competition from renewables. “

“The new renewable energy capacity installed worldwide in 2016 was 161 GW, a 10% rise on 2015 and a new record.” according to The Guardian.  This put global renewable energy capacity at 921 GW excluding hydropower; 2,017 GW including hydropower. Renewables investment remained larger than for fossil fuels despite subsidies for coal, oil, and natural gas remaining higher.

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Renewables 2017 report predicts renewable energy capacity will expand by more than 920 gigawatts – by 2022.

Projected 2022 % Renewable Electricity by Country
Projected 2022 % Renewable Electricity by Country

Graph Source: “Three  Countries are Leading the Renewable Energy Revolution”

wind & consumer savings 2030

To save consumers money please click the windmill picture to let us know that you want to sign the paper copy of the petition to put I-187 on the 2020 ballot or help gather signatures. (cc) Flickr via Information on I-187 is in “about” tab (right hand side of top menu)

Wind is anticipated to save consumers $280 billion in avoided natural gas costs by 2050.

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