Sign I-187

Thank you for agreeing to sign I-187 to require more clean energy.

Picture of oil derricks
Used by permission of Gary Braasch

If you are registered to vote in your Montana county, the quickest way to do that is to:


  1. Click here to print the I-187 signature page;
  2. Click here to print the affidavit you will need to have notarized;
  3. Sign the signature page (Please make sure your printing is readable and the date is accurate. Despite the form, it is usually best to spell out first names rather than use initials and to use addresses rather than phone numbers);
  4. While you are at it, please ask family and friends who are registered voters in your county to also accurately sign the signature page(s). Signature gathering instructions are at the bottom of the signature page;
  5. Paper clip the signed signature page(s) to the blank affidavit form and take that to a notary. (Banks or libraries often have free notaries — several counties do too.)
  6. Fill out the affidavit in front of the notary and sign it. After you have signed the affidavit in front of the notary, then the notary will notarize your signature.
  7. Mail or hand deliver the I-187 signature form along with the completed affidavit to the election office in your county (often at the county courthouse). Click here if you need the address of your county election official.
  8. Please let us know how many signatures you have filed by emailing:;
  9. Or if you did not go through steps 1 through 8 above and are a Montana registered voter wanting only to sign I-187, please click HERE , letting us know that you will help reach 25,468 signatures by signing the 80% renewables by 2050 petition.
    • If you are not a Montana voter, but you intend to become a Montana registered voter in time to vote in the 2020 election, then:
    1. Click here to download a voter registration application;
    2. Fill out the application and get it to your county election official, see # 7 above for address;
    3. Wait a bit until you know for sure your registration is in the computer;
    4. When you are sure you have become registered and are showing in the computer, go through steps 1 – 8 in the “registered in Montana” instructions above.
  • You are qualified to gather signatures on the I-187 initiative petition, even if you are not registered to vote, if you:
  1. live in Montana, and
  2. are  a person of any age.

TO COMMIT TO GATHERING SIGNATURES:  If you meet the gatherer qualifications and want to gather signatures from your friends and others on the Initiative petition, you may click HERE. On average an hour of work produces 10 signatures.

To learn more about I-187 and print copies of material for signature gatherers, you may click HERE.  

Thank you!

Page last updated 8/1/19