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Phoito of Black Eagle Dam, Montana
Black Eagle Dam on the Missouri outside of Great Falls, MT. Photo by Wally Miller (cc) Creative Commons.
  • Fewer than 3% of the 80,000 US dams generate electricity.
  • Small hydropower (< 30 MW) could double U.S. hydropower capacity (adding 96,000 MW of new power) and creating 285,311 direct and 135,386 indirect new jobs in the west by 2025).
Photo of low head hydro
Low Head Hydro in Bhutan. Photo used by permission of Gary Braasch.
Photo of micro hydro powered village
Micro Hydro Powered Village in Bhutan. Photo used by permission of Gary Braasch.
Hydropower Industry Employment

The hydropower industry currently accounts for approximately 200,000-300,000 jobs according to a study by Navigant Consulting Inc. And according to the same study, with the right policies, the industry could add 1.4 million new cumulative direct, indirect and induced full time equivalents (FTE) jobs by 2025.

Hydro Green now has 23 projects in 11 states that can provide nearly 500 MW of  renewable energy. Each project should create over 160 jobs.

  • Powering unequipped dams could ramp up generation.
Photo of Gibson Dam
Gibson Dam, MT, not presently producing electricity, which is listed for hydro-electric capacity upgrade (on the Sun River west of Augusta). Photo by Nathaniel Homier, (cc) by 2.0 Creative Commons

To show you welcome the transition to 80% renewable electricity by 2034, please sign to support this ballot initiative when the paper version becomes available for signing by clicking HERE.

For more on this topic see Hydropower: Past & Future chapter in “The Great Transition.”

Click here for link to US Department of Energy Water Power Progress Portal.



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