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In the photo above, thousands  support the landmark December 12, 2015, Paris Climate Accord which was unanimously approved by 196 countries to limit greenhouse gas emissions. As of August 4, 2019, 185 of those nations and the EU had ratified the Accord. Photo by Yann Levy on Flickr at

In this site, links to supporting references are bracketed [ ].

This 4:24 minute  video proves with satellite data, the consensus view that CO2 prevents more sunlight from leaving earth’s atmosphere than comes into it .

Below we list who supports the consensus view that excess CO2 (produced mostly by burning fossil fuel), [1a]   [1b] is warming our planet beyond safe levels, namely:  
A. Scientists & Government Officials:
  • 196 countries unanimously agreeing to Paris Climate Accord
  • 97% of climate scientists, [3a]   [3b]   [3c]   [3d]   [3e]
  • the National Academies of Science from 80 countries,
  • 18 American scientific organizations, [4] and
  • 4 (Republican) former Environmental Protection Agency administrators. [5]
100 percent clean energy is the level climate scientists say we must reach by 2050 to quell global warming. Montana  only required 15% in 2015.
Melting Permafrost in Shishmaref, Alaska & Link to More Pictures Like This
Melting Permafrost in Shishmaref, Alaska. Used with permission of Gary Braasch. Click Link to More Pictures Like This

B. Faith Communities concerned about eco-justice issues raised by global warming, which disproportionately harms the poor as is now happening in places where rising seas can erode up to 50 feet a year from areas previously protected by the now melting permafrost as shown by Gary Braasch in the picture on the right:

  • the Pope and many Catholics, [6a]   [6b]   [6c]
  • the [348 member] World Council of Churches, [7a]  which also endorses divestment from fossil fuels, [7b]
  • Rick Warren, author of “A Purpose Driven Life,” and hundreds of other Evangelical leaders, like climate scientist Katharine Heyhoe (named in  Time Magazine’s  2014 “100 Most Influential People,” [8a]   [8b]   [8c]   [8d]   [8e] Katherine notes you don’t have to believe in climate science just like you don’t have to believe in gravity, nevertheless, “if you step off a cliff, you are going down.”
  • Episcopalians [9a] who also voted to divest from fossil fuel holdings, [9b]
  • Jews, [10a]   [10b]
  • Lutherans [11a] and its LWF which also is divesting from fossil fuel holdings, [11b]
  • Methodists [12a] who also voted to divest from fossil fuel holdings, [12b]
  • Presbyterians, [13]
  • Southern Baptists, [14a] [14b]
  • the United Church of Christ, [15a] which also voted to divest from fossil fuel holdings,  [15b] and
  • 10 other individual denominations [16a] or churches (Baha’i, Buddhist, Church of the Brethren, Eastern Orthodox, Mennonite, Quaker, Hindu, Muslin, Sikh, Unitarian Universalist), some of which also voted to divest from fossil fuel holdings. [16b]
C. Studies warning of threats to US national security within the next 20 years posed by climate-change-caused political instability, mass refugee migration, terrorism, or conflicts over water and other resources by:  [17a]   [17b]   [17c]
  • the National Intelligence Council (NIC) (classified study for Congress),
  • Council on Foreign Relations, [18]
  • Center for Navel Analysis, [19a]   [19b]
  • CIA,
  • US Defense Department, [20a]   [20b] and
  • Institute for Strategic Studies. [21]

D. Healthcare Unions cautioning that human health costs of adding more C02 to our atmosphere are too high–increasing asthma rates and enlarging the range of disease-bearing insects that once thrived only in warmer climates. [22a]   [22b]   [22c]  In Africa, malaria currently kills a child every 30 seconds. [23] Climate change will expand the habitat of tropical mosquitoes that carry malaria, adding 80 million cases annually to that toll. When the Tennessee Valley Authority was created in 1933, malaria infected 30% of the region’s inhabitants. Use of DDT, which is no longer considered safe, eradicated malaria in the US by 1951. [24] However, in areas where climate change produces the torrential rains that exacerbate stagnant water pools, there is a risk that malaria could return.

Picture of CO2 Measurement at Mauna Loa, HI, 2011.
CO2 Measurement at Mauna Loa, HI, 2011, used by permission of Gary Braasch. Click picture to enlarge, or here for more pictures of climate science labs.

Most members of the groups mentioned above know CO2 has now reached its highest level in millions of years (415 ppm, up from 280 ppm in 1958). [25d] [25a]   [25b]   [25c]  It will continue getting worse and more costly if we do nothing about it, requiring more government intervention to abate it in the future than if we deal with it in a timely manner now. [26] (Listen to footnote 26 commentary by Dr. Michael Mann at 21:40 minutes into interview)

You’ll learn how to lend practical, effective support for this ballot initiative requiring 80% of the electricity provided by Montana’s investor-owned utilities to come from the sun and wind or other renewable energy resources, much of it coming from your own rooftop.

Link to Debunking Climate Denialists
Photo by FAVE @ Link to Debunking Climate Denialists

And, we’ll burst the bubbles of climate denier rhetoric that attempt to cast doubt on the overwhelming consensus and link you to the science behind that consensus.

“The new renewable energy capacity installed worldwide in 2016 was 161 GW, a 10% rise on 2015 and a new record.” according to The Guardian.  This put global renewable energy capacity at 921 GW excluding hydropower; 2,017 GW including hydropower. Renewables investment remained larger than for fossil fuels despite subsidies for coal, oil, and natural gas remaining higher.

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Renewables 2017 report predicts renewable energy capacity will expand by more than 920 gigawatts – by 2022.

Projected 2022 % of Renewable Electric Energy by Country
Projected 2022 % of Renewable Electric Energy by Country
Despite the world’s average annual 1.5% increase in energy consumption in recent years and average 3% growth in Gross Domestic Product, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2014 were unchanged from 2013 levels. For the first time in four decades, the world economy grew without a parallel rise in CO2 emissions. “
Photo of huge ballon the size of a tonne of CO2.
Click the above picture to help reduce CO2 emissions by letting us know you want to sign the paper copy of the Initiative, to put the 80% renewable electricity by 2034 Initiative on Montana’s 2020 ballot or to help gather signatures. Photo used by permission of Gary Braasch.  Click Link to More Pictures Like This.

Link to text of December 12, 2015, Paris Climate Agreement Draft.

Information on I-187 is in “about” tab (right hand side of top menu)

This page updated 8/4/2019.


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